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Economic Importance of Forest Prod. Industry

2005 NASF Offspring Report

BioEnergy and BioChemicals Development and the Potential Role of Forests

Forest Productivity: Will it be the Holy Grail?

2007 Governor’s Task Force on the Competitiveness of Minnesota’s Primary Forest Products Industry

Moving Forward:  Action Team Challenges

The Family Forest

State of the Forest… A changing resource—a paradigm shift in resource management!

Partnership News & Programs
Around the Woods

Overstory treatment and planting season affect survival of replacement tree species in emerald ash borer threatened Fraxinus nigra forests in Minnesota, USA

MN Deer Management Plan

Update on Northern Long-eared Bat in Minnesota

System Planning Report and Recommendations

Forest Industry Competitiveness Report

Bioeconomy Action Plan

Cost of Energy Action Plan

Environmental Review Action Plan

Wood Fiber Action Plan

SIFA Action Plan

Taxation Action Plan

Transportation Action Plan

Presentation Powerpoints Available for Download

MFRP Guidance for Black Ash

MFRP White Paper on Productivity

MFRP to Participate in tour of Scandinavian Forests

Challenges to Increased Productivity: Survey results

Strategies to Achieving Increased Timber Productivity / Availability, from March Working Meeting

October Productivity Conference Action Team Summaries and Background Documents:

Silviculture Action Team
Silviculture AT Background
Silviculture Action Team Progress Report

Family Forest Action Team
Family Forest AT Background
Family Forest Action Team Progress Report

Information Management Action Team
Information Management AT Background
Information Management AT Progress Report

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