Branching Out

“Branching out” is described as ‘diversifying,’ ‘expanding,’ ‘broadening one’s horizons.’ On this page, the Minnesota Forest Resources Partnership hopes you will find interest and intrigue in the work of colleagues, regarding the care, management, and potential of Minnesota’s forests.
September 10, 2020, Virtual Meeting
SFI &FSC Standards Revision and Review Processes. Pellet Industry Discussion:
Katie Fernholz, CEO Dovetail Partners
The State of the Forest Industry:
Mike Birkeland, Executive Vice President Minnesota Forest Industries
Minnesota Fisher Den Box Study: Preliminary Results:
Michael Joyce, Wildlife Ecologist – Natural Resources Research Institute
“Where Will the Ash Go?” A Forest Industry Perspective:
Matt Russell, Associate Professor/Extension Spec. –Dept.7 of Forest Resources- University of Minnesota
Site Level Forest Management Guideline Monitoring:
David C. Wilson, PhD – Guideline Monitoring Program Consultant/DNR
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